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NAAGIN Indian Spice Essentials | Premium Pumpkin Spice Mix (50 Gm)


A delicate and absolutely heavenly combination made from India’s most loved, flavourful spices, our Pumpkin spice will add a rich and unique upgrade to your daily coffees, homemade desserts, breakfast favourites and more!

No manufactured laboratory chemistry here, no cream, no butter, no sugar (and no pumpkin!) – we’ve made this purely from 100% natural, premium spices.

The warm, aromatic flavours of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice and star anise mesh together perfectly to give your foods and beverages of choice the kind of professional flourish that will make you experience a flavour upliftment so good, it tastes like how a warm blanket feels.

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We’re making it phenomenally easy to improve your life in a way, that will delight you every single day.
Considering how much you loved our truly Indian chilli experiments, you’ll be thrilled with what we’ve done with some of India’s best spices. After all, we’re a heat-loving nation second (see: fire), we’re a spice loving nation first (see: flavour).

So, after months of experimenting, we finally decided to make a truly Indian version of an international sensation that hits the right notes in so many different ways. A classic spice mix that has been around for decades and loved by people of different cultures, the Pumpkin Spice is much more than a ‘fall flavour’, it’s a daily mood.

We didn’t make this flavour in a laboratory. There’s no chemistry here. Just premium quality real spices blended to perfection give you all the flavour and health benefits of each of the all-star ingredients.

What makes our Pumpkin Spice so unique is the perfect balance between some of the most intensely flavourful spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, clove, star anise and allspice. So when you add a dash of this mix to anything, no single note dominates completely, but what you’ll experience is the perfect aroma, sweetness, and warm delicate flavours of these spices combined. And we honestly feel that everybody should be able to experience this taste upgrade.

Adding our Pumpkin Spice to your beverage, dessert or soup is not just about flavours, but it’s also so much about the feeling. It’s like brewing an average cup of coffee and having a little sprinkle of some magic spice to make it taste like a barista’s coffee. Ditto for your bakes, pancakes, french toast and more. Woof.

And let’s not forget about the Health Benefits:

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