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Naagin Spice Essentials | 65 Spice Mix-60 (g) | Mildly Spicy Premium Spice Blend


Our take on the classic South Indian 65 masala flavour but without the one-note single usage. The 65 Spice Mix is a versatile blend of spices that works wonders as a tastemaker, sprinkle or seasoning to provide your dishes with the distinctive homely, earthy and spicy ’65’ flavour.

Made with a finely balanced yet robust blend of spices including pantry favourites like turmeric, cumin and coriander seeds, the Naagin 65 spice mix pays homage to the distinctive flavour and aroma of the original 65 spice mix and brings it to you in a convenient ready-to-use format like never before!

You can also try it in combination with ‘The 65’ hot sauce to give you the complete Naagin 65 experience!

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For over 50 years the the ’65’ has slowly changed it’s face from cult classic to national treasure. Once just a local legend through word of mouth, with its humble beginnings allegedly at the Buhari Hotel in Tamil Nadu in 1965, it is now a flavour known, loved and remixed all over India at eateries big and small – fancy and simple alike. Back in 1965, the Buhari Hotel in Tamil Nadu created a dish they called simply ‘Chicken 65’. And so the obsession began. It’s distinct flavours have middle-of-the-road appeal to Indians nationwide despite their diverse tastes palates – that fact has always made this dish special.

Meanwhile in 2022, having spent their school years in Tamil Nadu, our co-founders Mikhel & Kshitij both had fond memories and nostalgia for the ’65’ flavour. We turned their taste of nostalgia into a Spice Mix you can use anytime, anywhere.

So being us and nerding out over food the way we do, we decided to make it easy for you to simply sprinkle on some flavour with our 65 Spice Mix. We’ve used Karnataka’s beloved byadgi chilli here and you’ll see (well, taste) the benefits of using such a well-rounded chilli almost immediately!

Perfect for: Everyone in the family! This sauce is not too spicy at all and is a great way to cook whatever you like eating.

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