Trial Pack – Zero Sugar – Herbivo
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Trial Pack – Zero Sugar


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Toyo Kombucha begins as a sweet tea, beautifully brewed before adding the magic i.e., SCOBY, for fermentation. Our booch brewers use organic ingredients to create low-calorie, guilt-free tasty treat. Result- a cool and crisp sparkling tea, bubbling with anti-oxidants. Toyo Kombucha lifts up your efforts to a healthy lifestyle with a wide range of low and zero sugar kombucha. Every booch manufacturer has his own recipe, but at Toyo, we craft superior flavour not through sugar dumping, but with delicate authentic flavours. This beverage is fairly low in sugar as compared to pop sodas. And to add more to it, it is free from all the chemical preservatives present in your other fizzy drinks, which makes it a bang-on health drink. Our brewers stay true to their stand on say no to artificial flavours and present an exotic range of lip-smacking flavours. Toyo Kombucha believes in taking small steps to a better lifestyle. Toyo serves flavours ranging from ginger lemon to exotic peach to lemon-grass and even strawberry. Thus, leaving you with a number of options to choose from. It also spices-up the boring monotonous diet of fitness freaks. Apart from their protein shakes, they hardly have any other health drinks to confide in. But, with kombucha in the game, they not only have a guilt-free escape but also a super delicious one

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