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Tawa Masala Tempeh Cubes, Hello Tempayy


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If you are craving some desi plant protein, don’t miss out on our Tawa Masala Tempeh. Fresh Tempehis cut into bite-sized cubes and marinated in the flavors of the homeland before being packed and shipped to your doorstep. Tempeh soaks in flavors well making it perfect for pre-marinating. All ingredients are completely natural and read like a kitchen label without any preservatives or additives. Tawa Masala Tempeh is a full-on flavor and is completely preservative or additive-free.

The Tempeh comes doused in flavors. All you have to do is cut the pack open and pan toss in a bit of oil for 5-8 mins and your Tempeh is good to go. It is perfect for rolls, bowls, starters, kebabs, and more. It is a great way to add flavor and nutrition to your meal without having to break a sweat.

The spiced Tawa masala Tempeh cubes are a great source of lean protein and are also packed with fiber, iron, and vitamin B-12. They are low in fat and carbs as well and are fit seamlessly into any diet. Whatever your fitness goals may be, Tawa Masala Tempeh can help you smash them with ease.

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200 gm

Plant Meat



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