Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets (250gm), Blue Tribe – Herbivo
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Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets (250gm), Blue Tribe


Comforting, scrumptious, the snack of snacks, packed with crunchy, chicken-y deliciousness. Good for the soul, good for the planet. Kids, fuss pots, countrymen, eat these nuggets and you’ve eaten your veggies.

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100% vegetarian plant based “Chicken” nuggets that tastes exactly like Chicken! These Frozen plant-based chicken nuggets are the perfect snack! Just deep fry them, air fry them or pop them in the oven. They taste great and are planet friendly too! Our nuggets are made of Soya and Peas.

Order now and get your first taste of the plant-based revolution! Cooks exactly like Chicken Nuggets

1. Simply Remove Packaging & Cook From Frozen
2. Pre-heat oil in a pan OR apply oil with brush to nuggets for Air Frying 3. Fry nuggets in oil on medium heat for 2-3 minutes until golden brown

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Blue Tribe Foods

Plant Meat



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