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Nuggets – 250g, Plant-based, OneGood


The chicken nugget is the quintessential bite of comfort food, unless you ask a chicken, who would feel quite uncomfortable about it.

So we threw out all the old ideas of chicken and made a crispy, scrumptious, protein-rich nugget made entirely from plants! You can dunk em’ in ranch, mayo, share them with friends, or (and this is the most likely case) have them all to yourself.

We no longer believe the phrase “everything in moderation” because these nuggets weren’t made to listen to the status quo. Not only are they finger-licking good, they’re just better for the planet.

Nuggets taste better when they’re made with everyone in mind. So get your hands, paws, and hooves on it now!

Non-GMO | Lower carbon-footprint | 100% Vegan | Zero cholesterol

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Shelf life – 10 months from from the date of manufacture.

Storage – Store in a freezer at – 18 ° C or below.

Ingredients – Water,

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250 gm




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